Dog Taught Herself How To Skateboard, Becomes Video Star

Some dogs know how to do fun tricks, but 14-month-old Pumpkin the Bulldog taught herself how to do something amazing. The adorable pooch is making international headlines for the ability to ride a skateboard like a pro. What’s even more incredible: the talented canine learned this feat all by herself.

Source: SWNS

As an 8-week-old puppy, Pumpkin was given a skateboard by her mom, Debra Chandler. She jumped on it all by herself and was a total natural.

Although it took the Bulldog some time to learn how to ride and hang onto the board, she now looks for her treasured transportation. She even goes out to the garage to find the skateboard!

Source: SWNS

The now social media superstar has a Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Instagram account. Like so many dogs on social media, she is seeking sponsors and maybe even a new skateboard.

When you see Pumpkin hang 20 in the video below, you’ll see why she’s got fans of all ages.

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