Bulldog Pup Lay Alone In Bone-Chilling Snow Because Breeder Claimed Him Worthless

When a selfish breeder had a nearly perfect litter of Bulldog babies, she was thrilled. She knew she could sell them for plenty of money. But one puppy wasn’t perfect.

The little Bulldog baby was born with a leg deformity. Some breeders will euthanize puppies they cannot sell. And while we consider this totally cruel and unnecessary, this breeder did the unthinkable.

The breeder took the puppy up the street and dumped him as if he were a piece of trash. It was snowing out and his little body became buried quickly. He just lied there totally helpless.

His little cries were finally heard by a passerby who then wrapped the puppy up and rushed him to the vet. His leg, which could’ve been addressed and treated at birth, had become necrotic.

Source: Paw Rescue, Draper’s Story/YouTube

The passerby saved the puppy’s life. Had he laid there merely 30 minutes more, he would have died of hypothermia.

Once the pup was safely at the vet, the vet’s staff called a local rescue knowing they would need to pool their resources together.

This little one needed treatment and eventually a loving home. The rescue group named the puppy Draper.

Source: Paw Rescue, Draper’s Story/YouTube

Draper was so tiny! The vet said he needed to be put in the warmer immediately. While Draper warmed up and finally slept, the vet treated his leg. He wasn’t sure if the wound would heal but what was most important was that Draper was now safe!

Source: Paw Rescue, Draper’s Story/YouTube

In a week, Draper began to open his eyes more and his new human friends considered this a. . .     >> Click To Continue Reading This Story And Watch The Video!

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