Worldwide Fido Award-Winning Bulldog, Gabe Performs Amazing, Unique Tricks

Gabe the bulldog is a worldwide Fido award-winning bulldog with tricks you definitely don’t see everyday (or pretty much ever).

This adorable wrinkly bulldog does everything from flush the toilet to ride a rocker.

Is he some kind of superdog or just insanely smart and talented?!? Gabe Rocks!

Watch Gabe the amazing bulldog in action as he performs amazing, unique tricks for his owner and dog trainer, Cheryl Knapp on the next page!

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81 thoughts on “Worldwide Fido Award-Winning Bulldog, Gabe Performs Amazing, Unique Tricks

  1. I had a bull dog….I rescued her and paid a fortune….never really got her out of her abuse…the only person she trusted was my dad… 9 I had her back leg removed due to cancer….she lived till 13… she got older I was hoping she just relax and go…..not beauty,,,, she made me have to make the decision….but I was with her….she was a strange but special dog

  2. Very cute and smart. I think all Bulldogs are smart. I just think most are pretty lazy. Mine always sit and think about what I’m asking them to do. If it doesn’t suit them, they don’t do it. The only thing they respond to is food and treats and bellrubs of course.

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