Budweiser Scores Touchdown With Most Hysterical Dog Commercial

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing one of the many famous Budweiser commercials, you know how unique, often funny, and incredibly creative they are.

Budweiser manufacturers beer, but they have a soft spot for Clydesdale horses and dogs. Although Dalmatians are the pooches most notably seen in their ads, there’s a hidden canine gem in their collection.

Source: jothor/YouTube

Two guys meet up in the woods near a cabin and each man has a dog. The first guy boasts how proud he is of his purebred Border Collie named Piper.

He tells the dog to go fetch him something, and suddenly Piper takes off for the cooler. Once there, he opens the lid, grabs a cold Budweiser beer, retrieves it, and then hands it to his awaiting dad.

Source: jothor/YouTube

It is the next moment that is pure advertising gold. The second guy tells his pooch, Fergus, “Bud Light.”

What the dog does is far from what one might expect. Rather than tell you, it’s best you press play below and see for yourself.

Source: jothor/YouTube

Be prepared to laugh out loud.

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