Groom Suddenly Points To Fire Exit, Then Bride Sees Dog She’s Been Dreaming Of Since Childhood

Stephen wanted to make his and Keriann’s wedding in Scotland extra special, and he knew there was only way way to do it.

Keriann has been obsessed with pugs for as long as she can remember. Her friends know her as a “crazy pug lady” and constantly send her all things pugs, like pug pillows or figurines, and endless photos of pugs in all their glory. Keriann has even been known to follow strangers down the street just to get a better glimpse of their pugs.

Stephen and Keriann planned to get a dog some time after their wedding, but Stephen decided to put it into motion behind her back. For five long months, Steven kept his intricate plan a secret from everyone except his best man, usher, and wedding videographer.

In the video below, taken during the wedding reception, Stephen hands his new bride a gift-wrapped rubber duck in front of their family and friends. She knows it’s a dog toy, but at first she thinks it must be some kind of joke.

But then Stephen points towards the exit door, and in walks their mystery guest.

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