Boy dumps puppy outside school: Leaves heartbreaking note that crushes my heart

Every year as it approaches Christmas, people begin to seriously think about what they might buy in terms of gifts for loved ones. It’s a process that differs from person to person, buying gifts. Some aim to buy more sparingly, whilst others are lavish when it comes to purchases.

Something that millions of children ask for every year – and something that every parent must prepare for anew each December – is a pet. Usually a dog or a cat.

Of course, despite the promises and the pleas, despite the “but mum, I promise to take care of it,” a living creature is too much responsibility for a young child. If you, as an adult, don’t have the time or resources to properly take care of a dog or cat, please don’t get one …

One December night in 2017, a janitor was doing his usual rounds at the school where he was employed. As he cleaned, there came a knock on the doors at the main entrance.

Thinking it was strange for someone to call so late, he went to investigate. As he approached, he made out the silhouette of a young boy on the other side, though by the time he unlocked the doors, the boy was gone.

In his place was a cardboard box, decorated with a note. Inside the box lay a small black puppy.

The note read:

“Sorry it didn’t have a home and was so cold so were going to give it you. Please do let it go, find it a nice home – thank you.” 

The janitor read the message and knew that something had to be done regarding the pup. He was aware of a teacher at his school who loved dogs, so gave her a call.

She agreed to take the puppy home, naming her “Snowflake”. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to keep her permanently, but was willing to do anything to find a loving home for her.

She first contacted a local animal shelter, Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, in the hopes that they could provide support.

They agreed to collect the puppy and see to it that Snowflake was both examined and given the necessary vaccinations by a vet.

After her injections, Snowflake was taken back to the shelter, where the process of locating her forever home could begin.

On December 21, 2017, Snowflake found her new home, just in time for Christmas. The family love their new dog, and the dog loves them right back.

It’s highly likely that the little boy who found Snowflake on that cold night saved her life. Without him, the dog could have died alone.

Thanks to his quick thinking, Snowflake will grow up in a loving home where she gets all the love and affection that a dog deserves.

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