Beautiful Boxers Meet Beautiful Newborn Baby

Just came across this sweet video of two beautiful boxers, 5-year old Macey and 1-year old Vanda meeting their owner's adorable newborn baby for the very first time!

The owner, Mike Ehrmantraut, first wisely let Macey & Vanda smell the newborn baby's blanket to prep them for their first ever encounter (great way to introduce the dogs to unique “baby smells”).

Then, Mike also wisely takes each dog separately into the room where Mom is sitting with the newborn baby.

It's pretty incredible to watch how these boxers react to their new sister.

Watch the video of their beautiful encounter on the next page and see what happens!

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67 thoughts on “Beautiful Boxers Meet Beautiful Newborn Baby

  1. my girl thought we had brought her a gift, she was so excited when we brought our two youngest home….instant best freinds, she would sit on their bed at 3.30 on the dot waiting for school to get out

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