Boxer’s Death Stare! (MUST SEE)

This video has now GONE VIRAL and you'll soon know why when you see what this dog does after being tapped on the chest! “He’s a dead man…” That’s what crossed my mind when i first saw this video!

This is just too funny! He’s like… “Did you just touch me?? Don’t touch me again, human… touch me again and – I swear – I’ll kill you!” LOL!

Watch this hilarious short video clip on the next page. I’ll guarantee it’ll be 0:06 of your life well spent!

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182 thoughts on “Boxer’s Death Stare! (MUST SEE)

  1. Anyone who as ever owned a boxer knows that death stir .we have had the pleasure of shearing the last twenty years with boxer and that look is a Daly occasions we get to laugh a lot every day

  2. Devlyn TOTALLY does the look. Zoe is much more vocal than facial. She’ll keep staring away from you, but start to sing at you. The singing gets louder and sharper until that first bark, and that’s when she “attacks” (playing).

  3. Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the slap across the chest? Could it? I’d give you a death stare too if you interrupted my window watching time, with a slap across my chest! I’d probably be inclined to slap you back.

  4. My Reba, r.i.p. loved my love taps also! She would love to go bye-bye and loved when I turned on the wipers so she could try to catch them. Boxer snot on my windows will be missed. Her last ride with me was her last.

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