Boxer Had Baby And Mom ‘Cracking Up’ With His Performance

There is nothing like a baby’s giggle. That straight up belly laugh that can cure even the darkest days. This 5-month-old has a major connection with her dog, Prince. A Boxer who will do anything to keep his baby safe and smiling.

Their mom had been telling others, for months, about their incredible connection. However, she wanted to get a special moment on film so she had proof that their relationship was truly special. But she wasn’t prepared for this!

Mom straps her adorable baby girl into her bouncy seat. Safe and secure, the baby girl gets a wide view of the entire room. Prince trots over to say hello. The baby’s smile says it all! You can see that this little girl LOVES her dog!

Then, Prince decides, with a toy in his mouth, it’s time to make his favorite little human smile even more! The smart dog runs back and forth. With his toy firmly in his mouth, he does the happy puppy dance that makes the little girl laugh so hard and so deep! Her belly laughs are truly the cutest thing, pure music to the ears.

After watching this, your day will be instantly made. I promise! And don’t forget to share it, sharing something this happy and precious is a true gift!

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