Boxer Attacks Baby… With Kisses!

Boxers are one of the most amazing dogs in the planet. They are so friendly and playful with all persons of different ages.

It's fantastic to discover their and humans beautiful friendship. Looks like we're witnessing an amazing life-long friendship forming between the boxer and the baby!

No wonder people say Boxers are one of the best dogs for families with children. They like to play, don't bite, and are very patient!

Watch this adorable video on the next page as the boxer and the baby have a blast playing together!

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50 thoughts on “Boxer Attacks Baby… With Kisses!

  1. Boxer dogs are a big, clumsy, slobbery goofballs. Having said that you could not get a better bodyguard/babysitter for a child, my daughter grew up with two, and now my grandson is growing up with two. Love them.

  2. “Get ’em” is what I tell my Boxer female to do when I hear footsteps coming down the driveway.I’d say that if I knew it way an adult,no way around kids that small.Boxers don’t know their own strength & therein lies a big problem when it come to small kids.Although their only playing,they can hurt a small child if they push them over.

  3. It will only happen once pal, to prove I’m right.We’ve had boxers for 30 years & each one is different.When they lose their temper,and they do,you don’t want to be around,especially when they fight for real.End of the argument!

  4. Our boxers were always so gentle with our 4 boys….. Until they got in there teenage years, then it was wrestle mania. Was always weird to me that they knew only to rough play with the older ones but not the younger ones.

  5. Omg they are the best. Have had one and she passed June 2015 and she was the best damn dog ever. Literally the best I could have asked for especially with my son. When ready will be getting another. They are the absolute best.

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