Little Dog Who Needed A Miracle Looks So Different Now

Blondie’s entire body was basically one giant scab, and she so desperately needed care.

Thankfully, Caitlin Beall of Sky Sanctuary Rescue took the scared and timid dog in as a foster and started the process.

Blondie had a list of skin conditions that would require daily medicated baths…

The scabs then started to fall off, and the dog started to look more like a naked mole rat! But this meant she was getting better and making progress, and her transformation was only beginning.

By then, her foster mom just could not let her go. So Blondie was welcomed in to stay forever! And you have to see how she looks now. 🙂

Check out Sky Sanctuary Rescue on Facebook for updates on Blondie. You can help Sky Sanctuary Rescue save more animals here.

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