Guy Put His Blistered Puppy In Box And Placed Her On Shelter’s Doorsteps

Guy Put His Blistered Puppy In Box And Placed Her On Shelter’s Doorsteps

Discovered quivering inside a cramped box, Abby, a young puppy, was abandoned by her previous owner under harsh conditions, her small face marred by agonizing blisters.

Yet, amidst the evident discomfort and her delicate state, Abby exhibited an extraordinary resilience.

Her tail wagged persistently, signaling not just her innate hopefulness but also her unwavering determination to push through the adversity.

This small gesture of her tail wagging, despite the pain and fear, stands as a powerful symbol of Abby’s indomitable spirit, highlighting her capacity to find glimmers of positivity and the will to survive in the face of daunting challenges.

Abby’s story is a poignant reminder of the strength and heart often found in the most vulnerable among us, inspiring a belief in the possibility of recovery and happiness beyond the initial trials.


In the initial two weeks under the care of her foster mom, Dina, Abby’s situation saw no improvement.

Her facial blisters became more severe, and she shied away from any contact, preferring the solitude of her kennel, where she lay whimpering.

Dina, concerned for Abby’s well-being, sought medical advice, resulting in Abby undergoing a variety of tests, including skin and blood exams, to diagnose the root of her afflictions.


Once Abby received the appropriate care, her transformation was remarkable. She began to engage with other dogs, eagerly sat for treats, and displayed visible joy upon her foster mom’s arrival.

Abby’s emerging vibrant character was a pleasure to witness. Notably, her appetite improved significantly, to the extent that she playfully attempted to grab food from Dina while she was eating.


Dina introduced Abby to the game of fetch and provided her with an assortment of toys, nurturing Abby’s playful and inquisitive disposition.

Abby reveled in activities such as pulling cotton from pillows, enjoying walks, and frolicking freely, exhibiting a keen interest in exploring and sniffing her surroundings, which further highlighted her endearing character.

As Abby’s health continued to recover, the scabs on her face led to hair loss, resulting in a bald head.

Moreover, the emergence of her adult teeth, combined with an underbite, lent her a unique look that seemed to perpetually convey a smile, adding to her charm.


Every milestone Abby reached filled her foster mom with joy and pride. From the scared and ailing puppy discovered in a box, Abby has transformed into a joyful, playful, and affectionate dog, fully embracing the joys of her new life.

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