Blind Pit Bull Refuses To Leave This Woman’s Embrace. Now Watch Where She Takes Him…

Marco the Pit Bull had the odds stacked against him.

Marco was a homeless Pit Bull rescued from the brink of death. He had a skin infection, sores all over his body, and hardly any hair at all.

His rescuers at GO Rescue Pet Adoption Center knew the chances of Marco getting a forever home were slim. To make matters worse, he was blind – the pup suffered from terrible cataracts, and surgery would be expensive.

Despite his terrible misfortune, Marco was about to find a stroke of luck: a woman named Georgia Obenaus.

Obenaus took one look at Marco, and immediately fell in love. The struggling, lonely little Pit Bull melted her heart, and she knew she had to do whatever it took to find him a family.

Before Marco could adjust to a family home, he needed his eyesight back, so Obenaus started an online fundraiser for his surgery. Moved by the poor pup’s plight, dog lovers around the country came together and helped him get his eyes fixed. While the money came in, Marco slowly healed – his fur came back as his skin got better. By the time enough had been raised for his surgery, Marco was hard to recognize.

After his surgery, Marco bounded out of the waiting room. He recognized the scent of the woman who had taken him in, but for the first time, he could see her too.

Marco had his eyes back, but he still needed a home.

After word got out about Marco through his fundraiser, a family stepped up to give him a home. Ashley and Sara MacGinley were some of the first to step up and donate to Marco’s surgery fund, and it isn’t hard to see how well he fits in with the family:

Now, Marco has a second chance at life, and a loving family to provide and care for him. The MacGinleys had figured Marco would have been adopted before his surgery, and were thrilled when they found out he could be theirs. While it wasn’t easy for his rescuers to say goodbye, they were overjoyed at the news of his new start.

In the words of Marco’s rescuer, Georgia Obenaus:

“In 2013, I came across a hopeless soul in the back kennel of a back room of an animal control. He knew he was going to die. He had mange, skin infections, his skin didn’t even cover his whole tail. He was also blind…I say WAS –we took him into the safety of our rescue, addressed his issues one by one…a couple who followed his story cared enough to raise his eye surgery funds…fast forward to today—Marco has been ADOPTED by a couple who are friends with the ladies who raised his eye surgery $$ , they were also one of the FIRST to donate toward his eye surgery last year…as much as it hurts my heart to let him go, that’s what we do, what we hope for, our gift to Marco is to let him have the life he has waited so long for….the life that he deserved all along.”

Today, Marco has a new lease on life and a loving family, all because of everyday heroes like Obenaus and the MacGinley family.

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