Angry Bison Charges & Tosses Kid In The Air, Parents Leave Kid Behind & Run Away

A Florida couple and their 9-year-old daughter were visiting the Yellowstone National Park with a group of tourists.

They went against safety rules and decided to get up-close with a wild bison.

The bison endured the “petting” from the tourists for about 20 minutes until he finally got annoyed and started charging at the group.


Source: NBC News/YouTube


The tourists panicked and started running away in a state of frenzy. The Florida girl’s parents ran away too, leaving the little girl on her own.

Soon, the enraged bison got hold of the girl and sent her flying into the air. The girl sustained some injuries and was immediately taken to the park’s emergency services.

The extent of the girl’s injuries has not been revealed, and the incident is still under investigation.

As per many bystanders, the bison launched an attack as he was agitated by the noisy crowd gathering around him.

Although, the park policy clearly states that people should stay at least 25 yards away from bison, elk, deer and moose, the tourists did not follow the rules.


Source: NBC News/YouTube


As this video is going viral, many netizens are pointing out the careless and self-serving attitude of the girl’s parents.

They believe that the parents could have easily grabbed their child’s hand before running away.

Let us know if you think that the parents acted in an irresponsible manner.

Check out the video below to watch the footage of the bison’s attack on the little girl.

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