Friends Come In All Shapes And Sizes! Even Dogs And Birds! Don’t Believe Me? Watch This!

Maybe he thought they were worms.

This bird made an unlikely four-legged friend after feeding a dog noodles from the kitchen counter top.

The pair have a Lady and the Tramp moment as the cockatoo bobs his way toward his furry companion to share a string of spaghetti.

The eager pooch licks his chops as he waits for the next bite.

Fortunately for his winged friend, the dog doesn't seem too hungry as he takes a nibble from his beak.

At one point, it even appears as though the bird dips the noodles sauce sitting nearby, and feeds it to the dog as if he were a youngling.

You have nothing in life if you don’t have good friends! Humanity could learn a thing or two from these two!

Watch the video below as this Cockatoo feeds his four-legged friend noodles off of a counter.

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