What This Dog Does Whenever She’s In The Pool Is HILARIOUS! You Have To See This To Believe It!

Most Chesapeake Bay Retrievers love water and love to swim, but Beya the Chesapeake Bay Retriever simply doesn’t like to swim. What she does instead is so, so funny!

Jana Underwood, owner of Happy Tails Resort in Norfolk, Virginia, says that it’s not that Beya can’t swim, she’s just figured out that she doesn’t have to. Beya comes to the pool a few times a week. She quickly figured out she doesn’t have to paddle like the rest of the dogs.

Jana says, “She’ll just stand there and not move until you throw her a ball. She just decides she’s not going to.” Beya’s also sharing her non-swimming know-how with other dogs. Jana said, “And she’s taught two other dogs how to do it.”

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