Best Dog Breeds For Apartment Living

Now, it's important to note that breed doesn't guarantee anything.

“Each individual dog within a breed is going to have its own temperament, its own personality.

A good owner spends time with their dog and figures out what makes their individual dog most happy.”

And if you're looking for more than just a walk around the block, places like the American Kennel Club offer local activities.

“One's called ‘scent work'. It's an event type that just tests a dog's natural ability to use its nose.

And we have a whole series of events and competitions where you're just training your dog to find scents that are hidden in different areas.

It's fun to do things with your dog. And by spending more time with your dog, your bond increases.”

Want more options?

Here are some other apartment-friendly dog breeds that the AKC recommends:

– Havanese
– Bichon Frise
– Bulldog
– Chinese Crested
– German Spitz
– Maltese
– Pug
– Russian Toy
– Shih Tzu

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