Owner Told His Dog To “Play Dead.” How The Beagle Did It Made Everyone Burst Into Laughter

Dogs are a loyal best friend. They're also awesome pals that can be taught fun tricks like Baily the beagle.

With the help of her owner, Baily the beagle takes the old trick “play dead” to an impressive new level. Appearing on national television, Baily, her owner, and David Letterman had the entire audience cracking up with her acting skills.

What a fun little dog! Baily is too cute!

As David Letterman says, beagles can be full of snark. Despite their sassy attitude and desire for independence, the Midwest Beagle Rescue site explains that they can be wonderful family dogs.

While they may take longer to train and don't do well off the leash, beagles are excellent with children since they love to be active. Their energy levels match those of children and they thrive when given a chance to use up that energy!

Their natural curious behavior (that's helpful while hunting) also bodes well for a house with children. Beagles will help a child explore the world around them and will be their best adventuring friend.

Beagles are also highly intelligent and can learn tricks if the trainer is patient and consistent. That's exactly how this owner was able to teach Baily how to “play dead.”

As soon as he gives the command, Baily flops over and lays in his arms lifelessly! It's impressive how committed he is to the task at hand.

Even David Letterman can't help but let out a chuckle or two! Take a peek at this impressive trick for yourself in the video below.

If this clip is any indication, Baily and his human have a strong bond that won't be compromised for anything!

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