Man Hears Puppy Squealing From An Industrial Tank, But It’s Actually A Baby Fox

A man was flying a helicopter by the secluded Karymskaya River in Russia to finish some work at an abandoned weather station.

But the moment he landed, he heard some noises coming from one of the 3 decrepit industrial tanks in the area.

As he investigated further, he was shocked to find a baby fox squealing for help from the depths of the murky water in one of the slimy tanks.

Source: madiev451/Instagram

The man quickly scanned the perimeter and realized that another baby fox’s skeletal corpse was rotting away in one corner of the tank.

The 2 cubs were probably siblings who had been stranded in the middle-of-nowhere tank for days. The man noticed that the surviving baby fox was quite emaciated due to starvation, so he began thinking of ways to save the poor creature.

Source: madiev451/Instagram

Soon, the man got hold of a wooden plank and lowered it into the tank and nudged the tiny fox cub to use it as a board to climb up.

However, the miserable baby was disoriented from hunger and stress, and it didn’t seem like he would have the strength or the cognizance to grab the plank.

Source: madiev451/Instagram

After lingering in the water for a few seconds, the baby fox finally proved that he was one smart survivor. Not only did he manage to scale up the plank, but also skillfully navigated back onto safe land!

It’s so nice of this man to rescue this sweet wild cub from a potentially horrible fate. We loved how the baby fox innocently kept staring back at his rescuer, as if he was trying to come up with a “thank you”!

Click the video below to watch how the man rescued the baby fox stranded in the godforsaken tank.

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