Baby Foal And Tiny Pony Play With A Big Blue Ball

Just about everyone on the planet loves horses. Their amazing personalities, their beautiful fur, and their sheer power make these animals a true wonder to behold. But while everyone loves to watch huge horses galloping around in the fields, there’s just something about watching their babies discovering their surroundings!

The two little babies in this adorable video are still learning what it means to be a four-legged creature, but thankfully, they’ve been born in a pretty amazing place. Surrounded by a group of humans that wants to train them using love and affection, this little foal and his pony friend are just now learning the importance of play!

The video begins with a darling little pony playing with a big blue toy. She’s obviously having a wonderful time, but that’s quickly put to an end when the bigger and stronger foal decides that the toy now belongs to him! He stomps his foot into the toy to display is dominance.

Though the little pony tries her best to get the toy back, it seems like the foal has won the day. This beautiful little foal walks away, proud of his accomplishment, and even whinnies a bit to perhaps get his mom’s attention.

When mom turns around to look at her baby, you can see how big and strong he thinks he is. That’s when he turns around and realizes that the little pony reclaimed her toy back right from under his nose. The pony seems to realize that the little foal has noticed his missing toy and she quickly comes to him to distract him, and it works!

It’s wonderful to watch these two beautiful babies having such a great time together! While their play may look a bit rough, they’re learning valuable lessons on what it will mean to become an adult horse a few years from now.

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