Baby’s first crawl with her dog… what a cute ending!

Every baby I have ever been around is like magnetically drawn to dogs. Have you ever noticed that? Little ones screaming “Doggggyyyyy!” is music to my ears! In my home, both of my kids couldn’t get enough of our big pooch and would do everything in their power to get her attention.

This little one has one goal in mind and that is to make her way to her best friend who is lying in the hallway just staring at her. The tot and her pup lock eyes several times. It’s pretty obvious that they love one another… a lot!

Learning to crawl is the first “step” to an active life and this dog can inspire greatness. The baby balances on her belly, wiggles her legs and arms, she’s unsteady but totally psyched! Her pup is within reach if she just makes her way…

And then she’s on the move! OH MY is she on the move! It’s not much further until…

Give this video a minute (and five seconds) of your time, and we promise it’ll make your day so much better. Even if you have seen it before, it’s one of those videos you can watch a thousand times and still smile. We promise!

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