Baby And Pug Dance to Adele

This pug maybe the most patient pooch ever!

Here's an adorable video of a cute and handsome baby dancing with the most patient and friendly dog to Adele's song.

Maybe the actual conversation between the baby and pug goes something like this…

Baby: “Dance with me, pug! Dance!”
Pug: “God, leave me alone, mini-human…”

LOL! Such a tolerant, patient little pooch! It's so lovely to see the friendship between the adorable baby and the pug 🙂

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59 thoughts on “Baby And Pug Dance to Adele

  1. STOP YANKING ON THE DOG COLLAR!!! That pug is NOT dancing!! Please teach your kids not to pull on the dog’s collar or any part of his body!! This is NOT CUTE!!! BE THE PARENT HERE AND NOT TRY T BE CUTE!!! Geez, people.

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