Dog misses mom and calls her at work, millions of people online can’t stop laughing

There are phone calls where you merely exchange a few pleasantries, and then there are phone calls where you lay it all out on the table with the person on the other end of the line.

Sometimes you need to just let someone know what’s on your mind… even if you’re a dog.

Thankfully, we have a Dog-to-English dictionary that can translate most of what Stanley, the verbose Airedale, is saying.

Though dialects can differ, this is the main gist for his part of the conversation:

“Mommy! How did you get in that box? How will you ever get out of there? This is just like that movie Poltergeist where the little girl gets sucked into the TV and they have to extricate her through the ceiling with the help of a tiny medium, isn’t it?! Don’t shelter me, I can handle the truth! Mommy, don’t look into the light! I love you! I can’t handle the suspense of whether or not we can get you out of there, I’m outtie.”

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