Anxious rescue dog is always comforted by his two best friends

Many dogs suffer from anxiety issues. It’s especially common among dogs who come from rough backgrounds: even when they find good loving homes it can take a lot of time for them to adjust.

But thankfully, one rescue dogs has the help of his two best friends to get him through his anxiety attacks.


Rex is a 4-year-old English/French mastiff mix who was adopted by an owner named Ross. According to Newsweek, Ross is the dog’s fourth owner, and before he came along Rex had a very difficult past.

“Rex has had issues in the past with abusive owners,” Ross told the outlet. “He was nearly put down for what they believed was aggression, but was actually fear and anxiety.”

While Rex has come a long way since being rescued, he still suffers from anxiety — but thankfully he has two good friends who are there whenever he needs a helping paw.

Ross recently shared a video on Reddit of his other two dogs, Winnie and Huxley, trying to help Rex through an anxiety attack by showering him with love and kisses:

People on the site were touched by the video: “Super cute! Rex is lucky to have his friends,” one comment on the subreddit r/AnimalsBeingBros reads. “So sweet.”

Ross told Newsweek that the other two dogs help Rex come out of his shell whenever he’s anxious. He has an especially close bond with Winnie, the white dog in the video, who is deaf and also a rescue.

“Rex was almost immediately calmer with Winnie, because she can’t hear him she isn’t scared when he growls,” the owner told Newsweek. “She just loves him, and he over time is less anxious around her.”

Ross says that he also has his own close bond with Rex, and over their years together he has trained Rex to be less anxious.

“He was my first dog post divorce when I was single, so we kind of helped each other a lot,” Ross said. “I have been rehabilitating him for the past 2 and a half years and he has come a really long way. He’s far less anxious, and way more friendly.”

We all need friends like Winnie and Huxley to help us through the tough times ❤️ So glad this anxious dog has so much love.

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