Angry cockatoo is told to go to her cage, throws an expletive-filled tantrum. HILARIOUS!

There isn’t a more hilarious moment than when having a conversation with an angry cockatoo or parrot. These little things tend to learn a lot in language, especially when they live in a very vocal environment. If you keep secrets, you better not say anything when around these creatures because they’ll tell everyone what you said. Now, the cockatoo in this video has something even more interesting to make your day brighter!

Now, Pebble is a cockatoo like no other. She has lived in 10 homes over the course of the last 20 years. That’s not cool for a bird that tends to bond with only one human in their lifetime, and also given that they live a long life. A cockatoo can hit 100 years of age. You can imagine how much it can have learned in such a lifetime!

Pebble didn’t want to go back to her cage. I think she let me know what she thought about going. She’s not afraid to let her feelings be known. Listen close to the whole video she’s a Ying stuff throughout the whole video. A couple stood out to us tho. At 1:50 I certainly ly do! Ya I do! F****** around up there looking at f****** marrying me but tell me whos marrying you? I just like rock and roll! Then At 2:43 I ask “do you have an attitude pebble?” She says “ya! That’s right! The f***** veterinarian!” Her reaction is hilarious. Pebble doesn’t take any orders from anyone. I’m literally falling over!

How many statements can everyone hear? What do you hear?? We welcome your input in the comments section below:

421 thoughts on “Angry cockatoo is told to go to her cage, throws an expletive-filled tantrum. HILARIOUS!

  1. My dog looking at closed blinds thinking my laughing during your bird going full metal jacket…thinking she may think we are in trouble. ..guess she dosn’t understand bird…

  2. Ok,here’s my comment: Who ever taught this beautiful bird to curse like that ought to be crucified! This video is sickening!I don’t understand how you people think it’s hilarious and funny!Obviously this bird went thru some kind of tramatic issues! If pebbles said the f word now and then, It’ll be funny but not that excessively!Shame and karma to the people who made this bird into a devil bird!

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