After dog gets hit by car, brutal sign has entire neighborhood talking

We spend so much time with our dogs and often care about them as much as we would a family member.

It’s hard to imagine what any of us would do if someone hurt this almost-family member in our lives, accident or not.

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Picture a loyal and joyful pup, bounding with innocence and trust, exploring the world with wagging tail and gleaming eyes.

In the blink of an eye, a speeding vehicle tears through their world, shattering their vitality and stealing away their future.

The anguish that follows is unlike any other, for the loss of a cherished canine companion cuts straight to the soul.

Unfortunately, many people have experienced this and been forced to bury their beloved pets due to reckless drivers – and the person behind this story obviously knows how it feels.

After losing his own dog to an accident, a family decided to take a stand and put a sign up that shocked neighbors.

They posted the sign on their own lawn and used it to warn speeding drivers. In fact, many would consider the message a threat.

”We buried our dog last week because you won’t slow down,” the sign read. “If you hit 1 of my kids your family may be burying you.”

A photo of the sign was posted on Reddit and quickly amassed a huge amount of comments and opinions.


”I never understand why people speed through neighborhoods…or parking lots. Seriously…what’s the logic in that?” one user commented.

The post was shared to other platforms online, as well, such as Facebook. Users on all platforms largely agreed with the man who put up the warning.

”Love the sign. People drive way too fast in neighborhoods. More than 20 is to fast. Kids on bikes. Kids playing in their own yard and a ball goes in the street, it happens. So why is there this problem. Well it’s because people are f**king idiots. Plain and simple,” one Facebook user said.

”Damn straight! One of my dogs got away from me and the woman who ran over him didn’t even slow down. Just ran over him. Same could happen to a child,” another commented.

Still, others online have not agreed with the dog owner either. Many assume the man allowed his dog to roam too freely.

”I don’t feel sorry for them one bit. Have the same problem in my neighborhood. Everyone thinks it is free range country for dogs and cats. My dogs do not leave my property without my permission,” one reader wrote.

”Keep your dog on a leash! If you cared about your fur friend you would take better care of them,” said another.

”Speeding is bad, but your dog and kids are your responsibility to keep them out of the street,” yet another added.


This is not the first time (and unfortunately may not be the last) that such a sign has been put up in our neighborhoods. Seven years ago, Kevin Jackman from Middletown, New Jersey, also had enough.

He became increasingly frustrated by witnessing people zoom past his home, fully aware that children lived and often played in the area.

Determined to put a stop to it, he decided to erect a sign that would capture attention and make an impact. The result was a thought-provoking sign that carried a powerful message.

It serveed as a poignant reminder for drivers to slow down and prioritize safety. The sign read, ”Last week, my dog was tragically struck because you chose not to slow down. If you hit a child, your family will be left burying you.”

Kevin Jackman credited the inspiration for his sign to a message he came across on social media, so maybe he saw the Reddit post from years before.

What do you think about the sign? Do you agree with the dog owners or with the people who want them to take responsibility? Let us know in the comments!

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