Adorable Hitchhiking Puppy Catches a Ride on a Duck and Little Piglet

Adorable Hitchhiking Puppy Catches a Ride on a Duck and Little Piglet

The sweet little puppy looks like a tiny teddy bear. Watching him go for a ride on a duck and then a pig will bring a smile to your face.

There is one piece of advice I’ve received many times since starting my blog. Friends tell me to “write what you know.” I am a dog. I know how to be a dog. So, I write about dogs.

I’ve probably mentioned it before; people love puppies. Thin puppies, chubby puppies, playing puppies, sleeping puppies, yawning puppies, most humans adore puppies.

Here are ten cute puppy pictures for you to enjoy.

The black dog shown here enjoys a good romp in the snow. He is oblivious to the fear of the nearby skiers.

bear dog in snow

“I can’t bear to be away from my humans for very long.”

black bear japanese dog

“There is no such thing as a mini-bear. I’m a keeshond puppy, and I want a tummy rub.”

puppy in grass

Often, Newfoundland puppies are mistaken for bear cubs.

black newfoundland dog in snow

An adorable poodle puppy shares his basket with his teddy bear.

dog in basket

“I’m a dog, not a bear, but you can call me Grizzly. I answer to almost anything if you have dog treats.”

fluffy bear dog

This Samoyed becomes super annoyed when she’s mistaken for a polar bear. She wants to be petted and appreciated.

Fortunately, no one has tried to take her to the zoo.

white fluffy dog in snow

“I’m a chubby puppy now, and sometimes people mistake me for a bear. When I outgrow my baby fat, it will be more obvious I am a dog.”

bear dog in sun

“I’m an American Akita, and I’m way more fun to pet than a bear. I’m more friendly, too, and I eat less.”

black dog

“Why does everyone keep calling me ‘panda’? My name is Oreo. I don’t know what that means, but that is my name.”

panda dog

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