A Sea Creature Saves A Dog Trapped In A River That Is Just Hanging On To Life

A Tampa resident realized that her dog had escaped through the fence in her yard. And when she looked over across the street, she noticed a police officer in the water helping an animal. Could it be?

Source: ABC Action News/YouTube

The woman soon realized that it was indeed her 8-month-old pup being helped out of the river by the officer.

The poor thing had been trapped in the Hillsborough River and hanging on for dear life for who knows how long. But the dog was never alone.

Source: ABC Action News/YouTube

In the water right next to the dog, the police officer saw a sea creature. It ended up being a manatee who helped the dog by staying by his side until he could be rescued.

It must’ve consoled the dog and let him know it’d all be okay while making sure the pup didn’t slip and fall into the water.

It’s hard to know for sure, but the surprising development made for a moment the woman and officer would never forget!

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