A Hero Dog Saved Her Family From Fire

Bella, a mixed breed of Bichon Frise and Shih Tzu was adopted on Boxing Day and happily settled with her owner Nicola and Bradley together with their two girls.

One December night, after the couple put the girls in the bed, Bradley decided to watch a film while Nicola snuggled up with Bella.

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“I went to bed with Bella snuggled up by my feet as usual,” Nicola stated. “Next thing I knew Bella was panting in my face.

“She had never done that before but I assumed she needed the toilet so I went downstairs to let her out.” She added.

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When Nicola reached the living room, a thick black smoke wafted out and she saw big flames everywhere. The smoke alarm then rings and Nicola immediately wakes up the girls upstairs and they get out.

After the girls are safe, Nicola ran back to the house and Bella raced upstairs. “Bradley had fallen asleep in the chair so a neighbor helped me drag him outside and then the Fire Brigade arrived and raced straight in for Bella,” Nicola says.

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Luckily, Bella and Bradley were fine. Their house was greatly affected and waited for six months to be allowed in their home again. They found out that the fire was caused by the Christmas tree lights.

“It doesn’t bear thinking about what could have happened if Bella hadn’t alerted me to the fire. Thanks to her we are all here to see another Christmas,” said Nicola.

Watch Nicola’s interview as she tells how Bella saved their lives.

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