9 Puppies in Horrifying Condition Found Dumped in Parking Lot of Animal Rescue Center

There are so many puppies who are bred in the most inhumane way so money can be made from them. They are not looked after and if they can’t be sold, they are often dumped.

Having a dog is a big commitment and even if you’re breeding them, you have to be prepared to look after them yourself if you can’t find good homes for them.

In West Des Moines, Iowa, 9 puppies were found dumped in the parking lot of an animal rescue center. When staff found them they were horrified at the state they were in.

Andrea Touzani arrived at her place of work Furry Friends Refuge, to find two cages in the parking lot.

In the two cages were a total of nine bichon frise dogs in a terrible condition.

Their coats were so matted it was restricting their ability to walk and they were covered in fleas.

“Most were matted to the point that it was pinching their skin, fleas were buried in the matted fur, and a number need dental care and treatment for ear infections,” the organization wrote in a Facebook post, appealing for help to care for them.

The dogs must have been dumped by a very irresponsible breeder or possibly a “collector”.

This type of breed can cost up to $2,500 per pup.

Appealing for help to raise money for their treatment as it would be a while before they could be adopted, they had a generous offer from a stranger.

Local company Bark N Bubbles offered to treat the pups to a doggy spa day to help restore them to their former glory.

The rescue organization was thrilled with their transformation, saying they were looking more like bichons now, thanks to this generous offer.

The post also said, “They are still NOT available for adoption as we work with them on their physical health as well as their social and interaction skills.”

Take a look at the pictures below to see their amazing transformation. You can’t believe it’s the same animals!

Finally they’re getting the love and attention they deserve.  I hope they all find new and loving homes, and never ever be so neglected again in their lives.

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