6 Problems Only Basset Hound Owners Will Understand

1. You can never eat dinner without a pair of watching eyes on the side.

basset hound begging

2. Just when you think they’ve grown out of the puppy stage, this happens:

basset hound guilty

3. You can never say ‘no’ to those eyes. They’ll melt the hardest of hearts.

basset hound face

4. NO other dog can make you feel this guilty just by turning their head.

basset hound head tiltbasset hound head tilt photo

5. Their wonderfully weird sleeping positions never cease to amaze you:

basset hound sleep funnybasset hound sleeping position

6. Your bed is no longer just your bed.

basset hound on bed

178 thoughts on “6 Problems Only Basset Hound Owners Will Understand

  1. I’m a new basset hound mama and I’m learning these are very true.
    The puppy in the picture is my Gus and the other basset is my moms. Probably my favorite picture of them ❤️

  2. Maybe just upgrade to a California King size bed? That way you get all the puppy snuggles. My pup sleeps in his pen till he’s house broken, then he gets to peeve off my 3 cats and share my bed with me lol

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