3 Pound Yorkie Carries a 30 Pound Carry-on to a Plane

3 Pound Yorkie Carries a 30 Pound Carry-on to a Plane

Woooo! Airplanes are the BEST! There is nothing more exciting than walking down that white concrete, knowing that I’m about to get on a plane and travel somewhere new!

I love the feeling of the unknown, wondering what I’ll see, who I’ll meet, and, most importantly, what I’ll be able to eat! Mmm-mmm, nothing is better than local delicacies!

But air travel does come with its downsides. When it comes to road trips, you just pack a few bags, fill the gas tank and get moving! With a plane, there’s so. Much. Planning.

Getting tickets, packing bags the day before, getting a taxi, doing the whole claiming thing with your luggage. It’s such a hassle! And my least favorite – finding the gate!

Now, I guess I’m what you’d call directionally challenged. I really struggle with finding my way around! This has made me late for flights on more than one occasion, and it’s the worst!

Re-booking tickets, running as fast as my legs can take me to the gate, making sure I don’t lose my bags. It’s a pain all-around, and I can’t say my human is much better with directions. We’re quite the pair!

You know, it doesn’t help that all these signs are in human languages! I can read a few things here and there, but how do they expect me to understand these super-complicated signs?

There should be translations where all the signs are read aloud in doggie barks, too. I can’t be the only pooch dealing with this problem.

Not to mention that I miss important info, too! My human might be just as absent-minded as me, but at least I can count on them to translate human-language stuff for me. I would be completely lost if I were on my own here.

Maybe instead of dogs translating, we could have doggie airplane companies! That’d be great! Dog-sized seating, all the signs in easy-to-understand barks.

Oh, I really should pitch that idea – it would be a hit! Until I can though, I gotta catch my plane!!

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