27 Items All New Dog Parents Will Want To Get From Amazon

When taking on a new fur baby, it is hard to know precisely what you will need from day one. Nobody really prepares you and we are here to tell you that you can’t just bring your new bundle of fur home and hope for the best.

You need to be prepared for the basics, but also, there is a bunch of stuff that there is no way of knowing you even needed it. We’ve rounded up a list of the items we think every new pet parent needs.

We have considered everything from the healthiest treats to daily equipment to deal with pooping and even anxiety that you will need to stock up on.

We have even thought about the more complex healthcare items that we promise you will have no idea even existed before reading this.

What are you waiting for? Get reading.

Thanks for reading about our favorite finds from across the internet! FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Let’s Start With Getting Them Home In This 4-Way Expandable Airline Approved Soft Sided Pet Carrier

This easy-to-transport carrier designed for small pets is a great starter carrier for most new owners. We love it because it is versatile and expandable with easy access portals. It makes putting your pet in it easy with a top-load entry. An internal leash, safety self-locking zippers, reinforced rotating metallic clips, soft machine washable pad, excellent air circulation & thickly padded shoulder, and handle holder.

Pop These Activated Charcoal Extra Thick Pee Pads In The Carrier

These are great to have when transporting your animal, especially if they are toilet training or a nervous animal. These Alpha Paw Pee Pads are extra thick for absorption and have a peel and stick backing for fixing if the animal moves around in the carrier a lot. These also work great once you get home and the potty training begins.

This Cozy Calming Blanket Mimics the Comfort of Their Mother’s Fur

This anti-anxiety blanket for pets is soft, cozy, and designed to mimic the comfort of their mother’s fur. It can come in handy when they are traveling or even to sit on the couch at home so they feel calm, peaceful, and secure. Pamper your fur baby because they deserve pampering.

Display Your Pride With A Dog Mom Car Magnet

The greatest joy of being a new paw parent is showing everyone how proud you are of being a dog mom. This adorable dog mom magnet clings to any magnetic surface and looks great on cars and refrigerators! Just clean and dry the surface before you apply it.

Ensure Emergency Response Teams Are Aware of Your Pets

This product has saved many pets’ lives and will continue doing so. These emergency response stickers allow response teams to see clearly that there are pets inside your home that may require assistance or rescue. Select a visible area on your windows or door to place the stickers in an emergency. These decals have a bold design, and they are easy to use.

Treat Stress Naturally With These Dog Anxiety Relief Bites

It’s always tense bringing your new fur baby home, especially while they get settled into new surroundings. If your dog is anxious they just can’t be themselves and it’s hard to watch them struggle. These natural, dog calming chews quickly relieve stress and promote a sense of safety and calm. With added probiotics to aid digestion, this nurturing blend includes organic hemp powder, melatonin, chamomile, passion flower, and valerian root to aid sleepless nights.

Have Treats On Hand And These Dental Treats Also Fight Plaque and Tartar Buildup

Always having treats on hand in the early training stages for your young pup or new dog is the key to training. These treats are great because they also help you maintain good oral hygiene for your dog, contributing to their well-being and overall health. These dental chews contain parsley, a refreshing herb that works to eliminate bad doggy breath, and are full of essential vitamins and minerals to benefit their immune system.

You Will Need This Slip Resistant Grooming Brush for Shedding

Make brushing simple and comfortable for both you and your pet, thanks to the help of this clever hand brush with a handle designed for any grip. Make grooming your pet effortless and comb away loose hairs or get down to the root of tangles with sturdy thin stainless steel bristles. The thin grooming bristles are suitable for brushing thick fur or short coats, even when they are wet.

Encourage Mental Stimulation With This Interactive Dog Food Puzzle

This Sniff Diggy snuffle mat helps your pet focus their energy on sniffing out their favorite treats. All you have to do is pop treats into the fabric strips, and they’ll use their sense of smell to sniff them out. This mat boosts mental stimulation and is excellent for stimulating an energetic new puppy and supporting the mental agility of a senior dog. The fabric strips also stimulate mealtime to promote eating at a slower pace.

Pup Parent Keychains Meals Are Donated to Shelters With Each Purchase

Every purchase of one of these Rescue Pup Keychains donates four meals through Greater Good Charities. This keychain is perfect for dog lovers or folks who love rescue dogs.

Help Pair Veterans With Service Dogs When You Buy This USA Flag Emergency Paracord

These durable, made to last USA Flag Emergency Paracord Bracelets can be used in emergency survival situations. Every time you glance down at the US Flag, you will be reminded and thankful for the part you played as each donation helps provide a companion dog for a veteran in need. Support and show your gratitude for those who have served the US Flag with honor.

Keep Your Pooch Entertained With This Sock Monkey

This Sock Monkey is a soft stuffed toy for your pup to play indoors or snuggle up in bed. Keep your pup happy with their new favorite to that they can go around the house or play and have a good chase and throw.

Add Superfood to Their Meals With This Freeze-Dried Food Seasoning

Give your pup a delicious health boost with this nutritious Freeze-Dried Food Seasoning packed full of all-natural and fresh ingredients to keep living a healthy, active life. Great for picky eaters, this formula is packed full of nutrients and has probiotics, superfood fruits, and vegetables. All recipes are free from gluten, grains, and soy. This kibble topper will support mobility, skin, coat health, and digestive, immune, and cardiac systems to keep them healthy and robust.

Provide Allergy & Itch Relief With Salmon Oil

Pets can suffer from irritated skin and this salmon oil supplement provides relief for allergies and itchy skin as well as promoting a healthy immune system and aiding in pain and mobility support. Made from Norwegian salmon oil this potent omega fatty acid source is rich in omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 to support a healthy immune system, heart health, joint health, and healthy skin and coat.

Save Money At The Groomers With These Nail Trimmers

Save yourself unnecessary bills at the groomers and treat your pet to painless nail trimming in the comfort of your own home. These Nail Trimmers come with an ultra quiet rotary wheel and a blade-less design, so you don’t risk cutting too deep or injuring your beloved fur baby. It’s a hassle-free way to groom your pet and a comfortable experience for even the most finicky animals.

Stop Accidents From Leaking With This Microsuede Fuzzy Pet Throw

This Microsuede Fuzzy Pet Throw is waterproof and great for stopping accidents from leaking to surfaces underneath it. Made from tear-resistant fabric, this throw is designed to withstand scratching from animal claws protecting furniture and floors. Your pets will want to cuddle on this high-quality microsuede designed to attract animals right on top of this easy-to-clean waterproof blanket.

Give Them A Helping Hand With This Ramp for Small Pets

This Ramp for Small Pets is built from sturdy wood and equipped with stainless steel fasteners to provide heavy-duty support and maximum durability. The ramp gives your pets simple access to the couch, bed, and car, and can be adjusted to four different heights to make it compatible with almost any piece of furniture in your home. Handcrafted with care and arrive fully assembled and ready for use.

All Natural Dry Dog Food for All Breeds and Sizes

You need a natural dog food formulated to meet your dog’s nutritional needs during any stage of their life, including larger-sized dogs over 70 lbs. Feel confident in the food you give your dog this All Natural Dry Dog Food because they deserve the best. Each bag contains the right proportions of chicken and sweet potato flavoring that your pet will love—packed full of the essential vitamins and minerals for health and wellness to ensure a longer lifespan and quality of life for your pet.

Treat Antibacterial & Antifungal Conditions With This Shampoo

This anti-fungal shampoo is a low-cost alternative to treat pets for skin infections; yeast, fungus, bacteria, mange, hotspots, pyoderma, and ringworm. After a few uses, you will see the quick and effective treatment of common skin infections.

Give Quick Relief With This Skin Allergy Treatment Anti Itch Spray

This Skin Allergy Treatment Anti Itch Spray provides pets with quick relief from infections, hot spots, ringworms, mange, and pyoderma. This antiseptic spray is a veterinary-grade treatment with the perfect anti-itch for dogs and cats. Better than cream, a couple of sprays will stop the itch. Save yourself wasting money on costly prescription meds with little to no relief with this alternative.

Wear Your Bond With Your Pet With This Memorial Bracelet

This Memorial Bracelet shows your pet loves you, and you love your pet. Your bond is forever. Wear this elegant bracelet every day to constantly remind you of the eternal love you share with your pet.

Maintain Their Oral Health With This Magic Mouthwash & Canine Breath Freshener

This Magic Mouthwash & Canine Breath Freshener is a natural-based formula that helps reduce the risk of oral infection and dental issues by providing daily plaque and tartar control. No brushing is required. You simply add one teaspoon to your dog’s water bowl each time you refill the water and the liquid works like magic! You will see results in seven days to improve bad breath.

Keep Your Pup Close to Your Heart With

Keep your pup close to your heart wearing this gorgeous Personalized Sterling Silver Necklace with delicate heart paws and bone charms. The chain is made of 925 Sterling Silver and is 18″ in length.

Get Prepared for Their Birthday With This Birthday Bandana & Magnet Photo Frame

You will want to ensure you order this Birthday Bandana & Magnet Photo Frame for birthdays. The set includes a cute blue or pink bandana and a magnetic photo frame. You can display a lovely photo frame to keep memories of the special day.

In The Event of Emergencies, You Need This My Pet Is Home Alone Keychain

When you are a pet parent, you have to consider what happens in an emergency. This My Pet Is Home Alone Keychain is a solution should you become injured away from your home. It notifies rescue workers or hospital staff that you have pets alone at home so they can inform a friend or family member to care for your pets. Carrying one of these keychains is peace of mind knowing that your pets will be taken care of!

Try These Gluten-Free & Low-Calorie Dog Training Treats

Dog Training will be made easier with these delicious Gluten-Free & Low-Calorie Treats. Each treat is three calories or less and is grain, wheat, and corn-free, so you can feel good about using them liberally for training.

Try This Tough Dog Toy for Aggressive Chewers

This Tough Dog Toy is made with non-toxic TPU pet-safe material. Making it a durable chew toy choice for pets that need stimulation and suffer from boredom. Its strong and long-lasting materials mean it works as a fetch toy, and you can reward your pup and put a treat in the hole or fill with peanut butter.

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