20 Things All German Shepherd Owners Must Never Forget

With handsome good looks, the German Shepherd was an original canine movie star before the breed became popular police and military dogs.

One of the most capable and trainable breeds in all of dogdom, exceedingly eager to learn and work, a German Shepherd, when well-trained by a confident owner, is a magnificent companion.

It’s been often said that dogs are the only creatures on earth that love you more than they love themselves. Well, German Shepherds are no exception!

But sometimes, we take our furry friends and wonderful companions for granted. There are important life lessons that are sometimes easy to forget in our hectic lives, that all German Shepherd owners must never forget.

If we want to pay back the favor and give them the best life possible, these 20 important reminders should serve you well as awesome German Shepherd owners. The last one (#20) brought me to tears…

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1,384 thoughts on “20 Things All German Shepherd Owners Must Never Forget

  1. My old buddy of 11 years passed on a week ago , it has ripped my heart out . Thinking about getting one more – I’m 61 and on “borrowed time” as it is , but I wonder about doing that .

  2. He is beautiful Dave. We lost one shepherd at just 3y of age. The breeder was very well known and respected but he started to try and breed what he called the perfect shepherd and inbred through litters which resulted in our baby casper having a spine that literally fell apart at such a young age.
    My husband is a graphic designer and he illustrated a scene of rainbow heaven and placed Casper into the scene, playing with his favourite toy while being escorted by the angels. It make us cry each time we look at the picture.
    Each dog lost silences a tiny part of a dog lovers soul i believe xx

  3. My boy had it at age 4 he is now 12 surgery does not help. It is an autoimmune disease. My boy was on cyclosporin 200 mg 2 x a day his was compounded so it was cheaper. Also used desitin or but past with zinc oxide we would put on him he is in remission. There is a web sight where other peoples dog have it and can help I am part of that group and they can give advice since they have battled this for sometime very knolageable. You do have to join cost nothing look up perianal fistulas or try http://members.tripod.com/perianal-fistulas/mainIndex.htm

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