20 Things All Corgi Owners Must Never Forget

It’s been often said that dogs are the only creatures on earth that love you more than they love themselves. Well, Corgi's are no exception!

These spirited and athletic, yet steady and dependable Corgi's are truly “big dogs on short legs.”

But sometimes, we take our furry friends and wonderful companions for granted. There are important life lessons that are sometimes easy to forget in our hectic lives, that all Corgi owners must never forget.

If we want to pay back the favor and give them the best life possible, these 20 important reminders should serve you well as awesome Corgi owners. The last one (#20) brought me to tears…

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392 thoughts on “20 Things All Corgi Owners Must Never Forget

  1. I lost my Low Ryder in his prime. He was my literal ride or die partner in crime. He was a month away from turning 2 when my boyfriend accidentally hit him with his truck. He died just shortly after. The only thing that keeps me smiling is knowing I went through his mind before he passed. He’s always with me since I’ve had his picture tattooed on me shortly after the accident.

  2. Our corgi cross (he seems like full corgi tho!) has cancer and so his days with us are numbered. I can’t imagine how it will be when we have to get him put down – it doesn’t seem real. He has enriched our lives so much. I just don’t know what we will do.

  3. lol i know he won’t. when he stayed with us i tried a couple times and he looked at me like i was crazy 😛 or literally like “you go get it.” 😀 he prob does need more space though. but he loves you still!! ^_^

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