20 Things All Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Owners Must Never Forget

These 20 important reminders should serve you well as awesome Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owners… if you want to go to the top of this article to view the post from the very beginning, GO HERE.

16. Let me get dirty once in a while.

Your world is inside, but I thrive outdoors. Sometimes I find a lot of mud or a lake that smells like all of its fishy inhabitants. I understand if you don’t want to wash all that stuff off every day, but as long as it’s safe, let me go back to my wild roots every now and then.

cavalier king charles spaniel 16


17. Touch me.

Nothing makes me feel more loved than when you take time out of your day to rub my ears or scratch that itchy spot on my back that I can't reach. I can't understand your words, but I definitely understand the feelings behind a hug.

cavalier king charles spaniel 17


18. Pay attention if I don’t seem like myself.

It might seem like I’m just being lazy or stubborn, but I might not be feeling well. I can’t get help for myself, and I need you to look out for me.

cavalier king charles spaniel 18


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