20 Big Dogs Who Really Don’t Know How Big They Are

I've got a soft spot for big dogs. Everything is bigger when you live with a big dog. You'll need a bigger dog bowl, a king size bed, and maybe more than one vacuum cleaner.

You're definitely not going to be able to sneak them into a store and they might accidentally knock the wind out of you when trying to climb into your lap for a snuggle. You'll want to put your fine china away and take the roast beef off the counter when they're around.

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But the big dogs I've met are also really big on love. I call them gentle giants. Here are 20 photos of big dogs I'd love to give a hug to.

#1 A St. Bernard who wants to be carried around like a puppy.


#2 – A Bull Mastiff with a re-assuring paw.


#3 – No need for a water bowl with this fellow.


#4 – A dog and her pony.


#5 – Probably will need more towels for this grooming session.


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