19 Reasons Why Chihuahuas Are The Worst Dogs To Live With

Oh Chihuahuas… the smallest breed of dog named for the state of Chihuahua in Mexico, that has become one of the most popular of all dog breeds in the United States (and among celebrities)…

Is it because of being the world's smallest dog yet having the world's biggest personality stashed inside that tiny body? That larger-than-life persona that makes him appealing to men and women alike? or all of the above?

Fun and busy, Chihuahuas like nothing better than to be close to their people. They follow them everywhere in the house and ride along in tote bags when their people run errands or go shopping.

It's not unusual for Chihuahuas to form a close bond with a single person, and they can become very demanding if they're overindulged.

But as popular as they’ve become, you might be shocked to know that they are the worst dogs to live with… and there are 19 reasons for it.

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  1. My chihuahua was the best thing I ever had she saved me from a deep sleep where I quit breathing, she scratched and bit me to wake me up.. She only barks when someone is at the door and helped eased my cramps she’s very protective of my cousins who were babies

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