18-year-old dog finally returns home after being missing for 3 years

It’s always heartbreaking when a dog goes missing, but it’s important to not lose hope. Sometimes dogs return to us when we least expect them, months or even years after they disappeared.

Recently, one family got a miracle after their elderly dog returned to them after three years apart.

Last month, Dorchester Paws, an animal shelter in South Carolina, took in an 18-year-old dog named Binky, aka Mr. B. The dog had been found “wandering around” on the street before a Good Samaritan picked him up.


Binky was in poor shape: he was severely matted, malnourished, was covered in fleas and had overgrown nails and rotting teeth. According to a Facebook post, the shelter shaved his fur, gave him a medical workup and provided a life-saving treatment for the elderly dog.

While cleaning Binky up, they discovered a microchip. They scanned it to identify the dog’s owner… and were stunned to discover Binky had been missing for three years!


The family was reportedly in “utter disbelief” after the shelter called them to let them know their old dog was found: the miracle they had waited for had finally come true.

“They were absolutely devastated when he wasn’t found, as they did everything they could but had no luck in finding him,” Dorchester Paws wrote. “All they hoped for was for him to be found and scanned. They waited by the phone for years, waiting for the phone call.”

After three years, Binky was finally going home. A shelter volunteer stepped up and drove the dog six hours to finally reunite with his family.


“Tears were had by all, as this impossible journey was completed, Mr. B can rest peacefully with the family that rescued him from a shelter all those years ago.”

Binky is elderly in dog years, but we know he’ll be happy to spend the rest of his days finally back with his loving family.

It’s a heartwarming story, and the shelter says it’s also an important reminder to get your pets microchipped.

“Microchips truly are life saving and the best way to get a lost pet back home,” Dorchester Paws wrote.

What a miracle — we’re so glad Binky finally made it home!

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