15 Photos Which Prove That Two Pets Are Always Better Than One

Being a pet-parent is the best! From snuggles to playtime, pets enrich our lives and can actually improve our health.

Have you ever wondered if it may be healthier for your pet to have a sibling? When you need to leave your home for extended periods of time, pets do a great job at keeping one another company.

If you’ve considered getting a sibling for your fur-kid but were on the fence, these photos will certainly convince you one way over the other.


1) These two have figured out a fun way to catch that tail


© tomatosss/pikabu


2) You’ll save money on beds (and heating bills)


© endstonegolem/reddit


3) Where there’s a Ying, there must be a Yang


© 69261/reddit


4) Making trouble is always better together


© GrimaldiJ/reddit


5) Two for one special


© ocoe10/reddit

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