15 hilarious vet signs guaranteed to put a smile on your face

Pets always seem to know when you're taking them to the vet, don't they? As soon as they get in the car, you see that look of terror on their face. They know they're not going to the beach this time.

It's some sort of strange animal sixth sense where pets seem to smell a trip to the veterinary clinic a mile away.

The vet can be a nerve-wracking place for both people and pooches. Our dogs anxiously whimper and pace, smelling the stress of other pup patients. Our cats dodge their carriers, dreading the thought of a car ride, let alone a shot.

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And we do our best to calm our pets down, sometimes nervous, ourselves, at the prospect of some diagnosis or even an unexpected vet bill!

Fortunately, there are some veterinarian hospitals out there with a sense of humor to help your pet get through their next painful office visit. And that’s why we appreciate these veterinary offices that lighten the mood with their hilarious signs.

Not only do they entertain passers-by, but they show clients that they don’t take themselves too seriously–except, of course, when it comes to the care of our furry family members! (If it’s important for them to lighten our moods, chances are they’ll want to do the same for our pets, right?)

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This collection of hilarious vet signs is the perfect Internet “treat” for you and your pets. And who knows, maybe after your pet looks at these funny photos they might forgive you for castrating them. Or putting that embarrassing cone on them. Or both.

Check out these 15 hilarious vet signs from all over, spreading smiles, promoting spay and neuter, and sharing their services, all in creative and clever ways on the next page!

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