14 reasons why dogs are everybody’s best friend

Dogs have always been more than just pets. As soon as they come into our homes, they win us over with their affection. And when we give them love, care, and a bit of training, they become our loyal friends for life.

Whether they’re cheering us up on our worst days or making our best days even better, dogs are always by our side giving us unconditional love that we can only aspire to return.

So to celebrate our faithful best friends, we put together these pictures that show the eternal bond between dogs and their owners.

1. From the moment you bring them home, pups are your instant best friend.

dog 2
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2. They make you laugh…

dog 18
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3. And make you smile.

dog 11
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4. They smother you in kisses…

dog 12
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5. And they cover you with love.

dog 17
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6. They miss you when you’re gone…

dog 3
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7. And they’re happy when you come home.

dog 16
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8. They’re with you for all your adventures…

dog 6
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9. Both the joys…

dog 4
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10. And the sorrows.

dog 9
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11. They take the love you give them.

dog 1
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12. And give it back to you unconditionally.

dog 19
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13. They give you cuddles without asking.

dog 8
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14. They’re your best friend for life.

dog 20
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