12 Things People Do That Annoy The Heck Out Of Dogs

Even the biggest dog lovers sometimes do things that annoy their beloved pups. You might immediately think of bathtime (although some dogs love that), but there are other things humans do that dogs wish you would stop.

What one dog may love another dog may loathe. Here are 12 things people do that dogs want you to stop right NOW!

1) Not Letting Me Sniff On A Walk

Whose walk is it anyway? Imagine you are reading the daily news or favorite website and someone snatches it away. When dogs aren’t allowed to sniff on a walk, that’s what it feels like. Take your dog’s lead and slow down to let him enjoy life. And while you’re at it, stop to smell the roses too!

2) Petting Me Without Asking

Imagine walking down the street and a random stranger approaches you and starts hugging you close. That’s what uninvited petting feels like to a dog. Always ask before petting someone’s dog no matter how friendly he appears.

3) Spanking Me

Putting your hands on a dog as a form of punishment is not only wrong but harmful to the relationship. If you know someone who hits their dog without injury, encourage them to work with a positive reinforcement behaviorist. Abuse should always be reported to the proper animal control authorities immediately.

4) Leaving Me Alone For Long Periods Of Time

A large percentage of dog moms and dads reading this work outside the home. A pet sitter, doggie daycare, or a security system are all viable options to prevent pet theft. If your dog must be alone, consider having someone stop in to check on him, take him out, and spend time playing in your absence.

5) Making Me Wear Clothes

Functional clothes that keep dogs warm are practical and necessary, so be sure to get your dog used to them slowly with encouragement. Dogs who are miserable getting dressed up for social media photos don’t have the ability to tell you that they want to rip your head off. So just be aware that playing dress-up is more for you than it is for them.

6) Getting Into A Staring Contest With Me

In the dog world, dominance within the pack gets established with eye contact. Staring for long periods of time at your dog – or any dog – is a big no-no. Even the friendliest of dogs may snap or bite if they feel threatened.

7) Pulling Me By The Collar When Walking

Pulling on a dog’s collar while out for a walk can cause serious damage. This includes harm to a dog’s skin, muscles, joints, vertebrae, intervertebral disks, or other structures in the neck. Some dogs may even wind up at the vet suffering from a collapsed windpipe. SO BE CONSIDERATE!

8) Teasing Me

Barking at a dog, pulling at its tail, or taunting them is a sure-fire way to upset a dog or worse. Dogs often snap or bite when they are afraid, defensive, or they feel threatened. Play nice and always supervise your dog around smaller children.

9) Causing Me An Emergency Vet Visit

Caring dog parents don’t do it on purpose, but feeding a dog foods that are high in fat or not appropriate can lead to gastric distress, pancreatitis, or worse. No one wants to rush their dog to the emergency vet, so keep the table scraps to a minimum.

10) Getting Upset When I Pee In The House

Often times, dog owners will yell at a dog for peeing in the house while they were away. Dogs have no idea why you are yelling, considering they are super happy to see you return. If your dog is peeing indoors, be sure nothing medical is happening and seek help from a positive reinforcement behaviorist if it continues.

11) Expecting Me To Read Your Mind

If you want a dog to learn something, take the time to patiently show him what you want. Practice training in short 10-minute segments. Take breaks and always end on a happy note. This strengthens the bond with your dog and makes for an overall happy pet.

12) Forgetting To Get Me Medical Care

That little bump on my skin may seem innocent, but it could be serious. That cough I’ve had for a few days might be allergies, but it could be something else. Never hesitate when it comes to your dog’s well-being. When in doubt, always call your pup’s veterinarian.

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