12 Realities New Yorkie Owners Must Learn To Accept

A lover of comfort, the Yorkshire Terrier enjoys cuddling on laps and snuggling into soft pillows.

Keen of eye and sharp of tongue, he won't fail to announce strangers, often in a high-pitched voice. Early socialization is required so that he doesn't become too shrill.

Though he can be bossy and scrappy with other dogs, especially larger ones, Yorkies coexist well with other pets, but are typically overwhelmed by the roughhousing and mischief of small children. This is especially true of the smallest Yorkies — larger individuals are sturdier.

Some Yorkshire Terriers are bright and quick to learn, while others are rather willful and opinionated. Yorkies often dislike walking on a leash and may dart to and fro until taught how to behave.

If you are considering to own a yorkshire terrier, or you’ve just become a new yorkie owner, there are some realities you do need to fully accept.

Check out the twelve realities new yorkshire terrier owners must accept on the next page! …and if you already are a yorkie owner, see if you can relate!

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