12 Realities New French Bulldog Owners Must Accept

Do you speak fluent Frenchie? French bulldogs tend to insist that you are dedicated to ensuring their care and comfort.

french-bulldog-angry.jpgNot to say they're demanding but these dogs know what they want but the reward they give back to their loving owners is ten-fold.

French bulldogs LOVE people!!! The adore you, they adore your neighbor, they adore the mailman. They are funny. They talk to you in all different ways.

You'll adore the unique bark of each and every one of your French Bulldogs. They have different ways of showing love; they might snort and chortle in your ear, or yawn and use their ears.

They look at you with adoring eyes, and would love to sleep in your bed and follow you to work.

If you are considering to own a French Bulldog, or you’ve just become a new Frenchie owner, there are some realities you do need to fully accept.

Check out the twelve realities new French Bulldog owners must accept on the next page! …and if you already are a Frenchie owner, see if you can relate!

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  1. I thought you could relate. They didn’t say anything about using phones being forbidden but then Olivia has been raised in an Amish household and is a springbok crossbreed

  2. Sandy Johnson All of your pictures of your beautiful dog has made me see the beauty of these little dogs. I have always loved Cocker Spaniels but they are like a “fart in a skillet” as my mother used to say. Seems the French Bulldogs are a little less active?

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