12 Realities New English Bulldog Owners Must Learn To Accept

Despite his gloomy mug, the English Bulldog is one of the most amiable of all breeds.

English Bulldog puppies are frisky, but adults are quiet and rather phlegmatic, spending much of the day snoring on the sofa. They do need some exercise to stay fit, preferably walks in cool weather.

Some English Bulldogs are friendly with strangers, while others are politely reserved.

Though stubborn, the English Bulldog is surprisingly sensitive, remembers what he learns, and responds well to patient, persistent training that utilizes food motivation. Jerking this breed around accomplishes absolutely nothing.

If you are considering to own an English Bulldog, or you’ve just become a new English Bulldog owner, there are some realities you do need to fully accept.

Check out the twelve realities new English Bulldog owners must accept on the next page!…and if you already are an English Bulldog owner, see if you can relate!

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