12 Realities New Dachshund Owners Must Accept

Ask any dachshund breed owner and you'll find there's no other dog worth owning. Dachshunds are not only one of the most popular breeds in America, but also one of the most lovable.

dachshundsDachshunds are irresistible, charming, impish, and headstrong. Once bred for hunting, the dachshund now occupies thousands of hearts.

If you're new to the world of dachshunds, the first question you have is probably about their short legs and long bodies. This feature makes them truly unique in the dog world.

They are also known as Sausage dogs, Weiner dogs, Doxies or Dashies… they are breed in two sizes, standard and miniature, in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Stubborn dachshund characteristics (making them a little difficult to train) can be traced back to those days spent learning and evolving into being great underground hunters. If they were easily swayed, they couldn't have survived.

If you are considering to own a dachshund, or you’ve just become a new dachshund owner, there are some realities you do need to fully accept.

Check out the twelve realities new dachshund owners must accept on the next page! …and if you already are a dachshund owner, see if you can relate!

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