12 Hilarious Basset Hound Memes Will Make Your Day

Oh Basset… such a good-natured hound with a pleading gaze that comes in handy when he wants a treat or knows he has broken the rules.

Bassets have a reputation for being slow and lazy, but these hunting dogs enjoy long, rambling walks.

The Basset Hound’s long ears and mournful eyes have so touched our hearts that he is once of those breeds almost as well-known for what he has sold — shoes and washing machines — as for his engaging personality.

But those who love him know that behind his “hang dog” expression is the soul of a clown.

Well, these twelve memes to follow starring the short-legged, long-backed pooch are about to make you laugh out loud and even roll on the floor laughing!

Check them out below!

1. Guard Dog…?

basset hound meme

2. Go Fetch It Yourself!

basset hound fetch meme

3. Ok Let’s Fly!

basset hound fly meme

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