12 Facts Dachshund Lovers Know By Heart

Chances are, if a dachshund is the love of your life, these facts are your everyday reality.

For everyone else, a wiener dog is just a short little pupper with a hard-to-spell name and a shocking number of inappropriate puns.

For those of you in the second camp, stop snickering and prepare to learn a few things about one of America’s favorite dog breeds.

1. They like to be tall


2. Dachshunds are fearsome hunters originally bred to hunt badgers in their underground lairs

3. Dachshunds love to burrow

My dachshund, Oscar, got stuck in my sweatshirt sleeve.

Can’t find your doxie? Check your bed, the laundry basket, or even a cozy sleeve!

4. With 15 colors, 6 marking types, 3 coat types, and 3 sizes, doxies have a lot of variety


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