12-lb Bald Pit Bull Puppy With Padlock Around Her Neck Found Wrapped To A Tree

A puppy deserves love and kindness, as do all animals. However, this baby was instead discovered with a padlock around her neck.

She had been chained to a tree and left on her own. It’s a mystery how she had survived this long.

Source: Zoo Land/Youtube

The Pit Bull, named Ziva, was riddled with mange that led to secondary skin infections. Her nails were so severely overgrown and her paws had split open.

The padlock around her neck had rubbed her skin raw. The most shocking thing the Houston police discovered was that Ziva weighed only twelve pounds.

Source: Zoo Land/Youtube

Ziva was found in a low-income housing neighborhood. Houston police explained that it is common there for people to train their dogs to ‘guard’ their cars and homes.

Ziva may have been training to be a guard dog but it appeared not a soul cared whether she lived or died.

Source: Zoo Land/Youtube

She was so malnourished that, once at the vet, she had to be put on a strict diet. If a dog this underweight eats too much too fast, it could lead to serious problems.

Ziva was also treated for mange and her infections with medicated baths and antibiotics.

Source: Zoo Land/Youtube

While Ziva had to stay at the vet clinic for three weeks, a vet tech volunteered to foster her. Stephanie Williams fell in love with Ziva but her landlord didn’t allow Pit Bulls.

Thankfully a kind woman named Cassie Rogers stepped up to adopt Ziva.

Source: Zoo Land/Youtube

Ziva’s transformation is mindblowing! It’s incredible to see what love and proper care can do. Ziva is thriving in her new home, with her mom and doggy siblings.

You can check out Ziva’s story in the video below!

And please don’t forget to support your local shelters and rescue groups. So many deserving animals are waiting for their forever homes right now!

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